Friday, October 10, 2008

Heynow Comics And Collectibles

Hello Everyone!!!

Heynow Comics & Collectibles is back on multiple venues and look forward to Buying/Selling online once again. Started on Ebay in 1999 and have tried multiple sites over the years and now have settled on a couple that work really well on multiple levels.


heynow1969 said...

Newest Venue joined is
Here is a link for joining.

Waiting to see if I am getting a storefront. Setting up Account and verifying info is pretty easy. Will update more soon.

Heynow Comics said...

Got approved by WIGIX and in process of creating storefront and applied to be AD affiliate. They are giving free storefronts until 4/2010 and well worth checking out.

Heynow Comics said...

WIGIX was a go and they even allow file uploads via email for now. I am waiting on a sample header file to see how the process goes.